Exotic Pet Care

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The Animal Medical & Surgical Center of Canton, GA provides full-service veterinary care for many exotic pets, including birds, snakes, ferrets, lizards, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and many more. We even care for African hedgehogs! We offer complete wellness care for exotic pets, from habitat recommendations and nutrition to medicine and surgery.

Providing proper medical care for exotic pets requires specialized training and skills. The veterinarians at the Animal Medical & Surgical Center of Cherokee County, Georgia, have many years of experience working with the unique medical and health care needs of exotic pets. Whether your best friend has feathers, fur, or scales, we can help you with the dietary, hygiene, medical, and surgical needs of your exotic pet.

Avian Health Care

You have welcomed a new bird into your home – but now what? Our avian friends have health care needs that are different from dogs and cats. At the Animal Medical & Surgical Center of Canton, GA, our staff is well-versed in bird care. Whether your bird has complex issues such as feather picking, or you just need advice on nutrition and diet, we can help. In our retail area, we carry Harrison’s Bird Diet, a highly-recommended pelletized food developed specially for our feathered friends. For more information about your pet bird, please browse our library of medical articles about bird care. If you have a question about your bird’s health, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Exotic Pets

pet services

Did you say Bear? Yes, Dr. John treats a bear named Chewey with his assistant, Julie. Chewey was placed under sedation to get a blood sample for testing.

“Excellent, caring service from beginning to end. Well worth the long trip for me to see ANY of their bird specialists!!! Their doctors take their time and truly care for the well being of your loved one! ” -gloriah, Alpharetta Nov 23, 2014